SEO Companies: Fastest Growing Businesses

Fastest Growing BusinessesSEO companies are one of the fastest growing businesses. This is hardly surprising, considering how much of what we do is shifting online and the growth of the internet in all parts of the world and traditionally ‘offline’ businesses (who would have thought 10 years ago that you would buy shoes online!) SEO is a great investment for small businesses to make their presence felt in the online sphere and attract new customers. There are several famous SEO experts who have famous SEO companies, like Neil Patel. Then there are fast growing SEO companies like

The scope of an SEO company is quite vast, especially if you are good at what you do. So here is a piece of news that might interest you – is officially one of the fastest growing companies of Utah. That is a significant development. Now, SEO companies are on the forefront of digital companies, although none of them are as famous or big as their dot-com counterparts which can be billion-dollar companies. This, however, is a step towards gaining more popularity for SEO companies.

SEO companies can be one of the fastest growing businesses because they have the scope to expand. You would be surprised by how many small businesses don’t care about SEO. Heck, you would be surprised by the number of small businesses and start-ups that don’t even have a website! SEO is a great tool to employ in the overall growth of a company, especially when it is one without borders. You can reach a global audience through the internet and every business should make use of the opportunities that the internet provides.

That being said, you should always beware of the dark side of SEO, the so called black-hat SEO. In a nutshell, you need to have quality content defined by Google. Without this, all your efforts are meaningless in the long run because a small change in the Google’s algorithm can destroy you, like the Google Panda update. This is why it is important to remember that quality content is at the heart of SEO and all your efforts to grow your website and blog.

If more SEO companies line up with Google’s policies of quality content, we can have an industry leader that is not after short-term profits but after long term value that SEO can provide a business.


  1. Whilst the amount of so called SEO businesses are growing, many of them do not succeed and can barely be described as an SEO agency/freelancer.

    Due to the ease of setting up and slapping a label/title on what you do, so many are doing it as they see it as easy money.

    The industry sector is saturated by poor quality rubbish and shoddy/spammy work.

  2. SEO companies are growing fast indeed. The problem is that many have bad techniques or even worse no evidence and if you ask they refuse or try to befuddle you. I know a few small companies that have forked out lots of money for nothing.

    The problem is that when an industry grows so do the rip off’s.

    I do my own SEO, my own testing and no-one touches my sites unless they have damm good proof. Each panda update my sites have made progress.


    • Sid says:

      Nik, I agree. You are absolutely right to point out that as any industry grows so fast, especially with an industry like SEO where things are not as transparent, there are plenty of rip-offs.

      However, this also doesn’t mean that the genuine companies aren’t flourishing. I was astonished to see how much some respected SEO consultants make. I don’t know of their techniques or how effective what they do is because I never used them personally. I am like you, doing my own SEO stuff!

  3. Good SEO’s will make big money quickly because they are good, if you are a blackhat SEO, the word gets around pretty quickly and you will be out of business before you have made any decent money.

    Clients will only stay with you and refer your SEO company if you get them good results and they see a return on their investment.

    With a domain like – that would be the main reason why they have grown so fast, a great domain investment.

  4. Hi,Sid.
    What do you think of the prospect of SEO?Can personal website still continue?
    Now there are so many good SEO teams.

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  6. Lisa Chaves says:

    Well, I’ll have to agree with you here. Because SEO is becoming a big business, I have seen many new coming through, in recent times and succeeding.

    And the main reason, behind this, is Google changing things around, making it difficult to rank, with Black Hat.

    BTW, Brilliantly Crafted Post.

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