5 Freelancing Ideas for Dummies

Here are my freelancing ideas for everyone. I have deliberately left out the more specialized skills. I’ll include a more detailed post for the more professional among my readers. Here, I discuss freelancing ideas that everyone can use – without the need of specialized skill set. For this reason, you shouldn’t expect to earn a […]

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Guest Post on ProBlogger

Problogger logo

My guest post on ProBlogger I started this blog only a little more than a month ago, but I am not new to blogging. I am documenting my journey and providing my readers with valuable tips on blogging and how to monetize their blogs/sites. It seemed only natural that I should share my story, which […]

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8 Places to Get Ideas for Blogging

Blogging Ideas

Well, you did it! You put in your hours and now you have a blog started. You have chosen from dozens of domain names,┬átracked down reliable hosting, wrote a post or two, and now you are clueless as to what to do. How do you get ideas for blogging?How do you get ideas for blogging? […]

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How to Price Banners on your Site/Blog

Banner Pricing

How do you price banners on your blog or site? This is a complicated question and there isn’t a straightforward answer. However, let me attempt to answer it with certain examples and cases which can provide a useful guideline to get started. If you have an idea of how much banners cost on other sites, […]

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The Core Fundamentals of SEO: Quality Content

SEO Quality Content

It isn’t surprising that there is a lot of discussion all around on SEO. As more and more of the economy shifts online, good SEO practices can make or break a business. Perhaps this is also what prompts businesses like JC Penny to use unethical SEO practices to try and game Google. It shouldn’t be […]

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Blogging Tips: How to be a Better Blogger

Blogging is not just about writing, it is about connecting with an audience. Blogging can be fun and richly rewarding. Unfortunately, many bloggers do not realize the full potential of themselves or their blogs and miss out on many opportunities. Read these tips to be a better blogger. Blogging Tip-1: Enjoy What you Write About […]

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7 oDesk Cover Letter Tips

At oDesk cover letter is perhaps the most important aspect of your application. An oDesk cover letter needs to be written in a way that is relevant to the job at hand. A cover letter can make or break your job application, irrespective of your other portfolio items or previous experience. Therefore, it is extremely […]

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