Ideal Blog Post Length: Long vs. Short

Ideal Blog Post Length

What’s the ideal blog post length? There are as many answers to this question as there are blogs in the blogosphere. However, is there a ballpark how long your blog posts should be? Instead of giving you a number, let me give you some guidelines which will help you determine whether your blog posts should […]

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oDesk Alternative: Sites Like oDesk

oDesk alternative

What are some oDesk alternatives? I know a lot of freelancers and businesses are looking for alternative sites like oDesk. This is for a variety of reasons – oDesk has grown too big and it seems that the quality of jobs and freelancers has been on the decline. I have been on oDesk for several […]

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EzineArticles any Good in 2012? A Case Study

EzineArticles any good

Is EzineArticles any good in 2012 and worth your time to publish there? For those who don’t know or have been in the online world for less than say a couple of years, EzineArticles was the best article directory out there. They have consistently maintained a higher quality of articles (than say a site like […]

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oDesk Review: Employer Perspective

oDesk Review

This oDesk review is aimed at prospective employers – entrepreneurs and small businesses that are looking for specialized skills at oDesk for short-term or long-term projects. If you are a freelancer and want to know if you want to join oDesk, read my other oDesk review which talks about the pros and cons of joining […]

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Free Is Good

Free is Good

Free can be good. Somehow we seemed to have lost the essence of this. We equate cost to value. We tend to consider things that we pay for to be superior to things that are free. No wonder marketers are having a field day – they can sell you an inferior product at a higher […]

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PubSlush Interview with Jesse Potash, Founder

PubSlush Press

I had the opportunity to interview Jesse Potash, the founder of PubSlush Press. It is a whole new concept in publishing and although small now, has great potential in the future. PubSlush combines powerful forces of the internet to fund literary ambitions of writers who find it hard to follow the traditional publishing routes. I […]

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Ethical SEO Techniques: Google Evolves

Ethical SEO techniques should be learned by every webmaster who wants to holistically grow their site and are in for the long haul, not looking for a quick buck off their website. The meaning and idea of optimizing for search engines has drastically changed in the last couple of years. Considering how frequently Google updates […]

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