Guest Post on ProBlogger

My guest post on ProBlogger

Problogger logoI started this blog only a little more than a month ago, but I am not new to blogging. I am documenting my journey and providing my readers with valuable tips on blogging and how to monetize their blogs/sites.

It seemed only natural that I should share my story, which I did. I have written on How I Make Money from my Blog but as you can imagine, my blog gets only a few visitors every day, being very new. I wanted a wider audience with whom I can share my story (and obviously also to promote my blog!) and what better way than to publish on the best of the best – ProBlogger!

It is almost always suggested that you should start small with guest posting. Get a few posts published in smaller sites and then look for the big fish. However, I didn’t want to take that approach because I wanted the best of my work to be published on the best of the sites.

So I got down and documented my journey that should be interesting to read to the readers of ProBlogger. I submitted my guest post and waited for them to get back. After about 4 days, I got a reply stating it was a great addition to ProBlogger. What an honor! Anyway, they gave me a date and scheduled it almost a month after I submitted – I think they already have a huge pipeline of guest posts so they will not appear immediately as soon as you publish your post. This is not surprising, considering the popularity of the site.

I naturally got a spike in traffic to my blog as well. I have given links to both my blogs – this one and the one that is the primary source of my income. I have observed that apart from the visitors coming through ProBlogger, Google Analytics shows a spike in (direct) visits as well, which in all probability is due to the guest post. How much spike? I’ll leave that for the end of the month when I report my full monthly stats 🙂

Till that time, adios and don’t forget to check out my first Guest Post on ProBlogger.



  1. Arlee Bird says:

    Saw your post on Problogger and what you had to say intrigued me. I have not monetized my blog in any way although that was my original intent in starting a blog. I too have a blogspot blog, but never seem to get my Adsense application approved–not sure what I was doing wrong, but eventually lost interest, feeling that ads might start to alienate readers. However, I still want to do something with tasteful, unobtrusive advertising. I will need to re-explore my options.

    I’m going to subscribe to your blog to look at more of your posts when I have more time.

    Tossing It Out

    • Sid says:

      I have to say, your blog looks really nice 🙂
      Adsense is just one of the ways you can monetize your blog. If you don’t like such ads like Adsense or banners which seem obtrusive, you can always go the affiliate marketing route. This is completely non-intrusive because you only recommend products/services that you would in any case to your readers. Most of my income comes from affiliate marketing too, not from direct ads.

      I hope to write many more posts on this topic, so do stay tuned! Thanks for subscribing to my blog.

  2. Ikenna says:

    Hi Sid,
    I read your guest post over at problogger. I could very well relate to your story. My first and main blog is hosted on blogger too and it was a good decision I made about a year ago though I had no choice considering lack of wordpress skill and budget.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Sid says:

      Iyke, thanks for the comment. I am glad to see fellow bloggers who are in the same boat, so it is good to connect with them. Glad to have you here!

  3. I read your article. It was interesting. I wanted to know i have a blog which i opened in JAN’11 and till now it has seen over 14K views ans it gets around 100 pageviews daily and i have a fan page on FB with around 140 fans and increasing day by day.

    I wanted to ask about how i can start earning some good money. I had ADSENSE but it got deactivated. So can you help me with this?

    Code 2 Learn

    • Sid says:

      I think you should first look at your niche. What are your readers looking for? If it is stuff relating to coding, you might want to try to promote some good books on these topics with Amazon affiliates. This should really help you get started. I am not sure about the geographic location of your readers. If there are some computer courses or institutes in some countries that have affiliate programs (your readers sign up for these courses and you get a cut), you should explore them. Once your blog grows a little more, consider contacting advertisers directly for banners (read my post on the same). Let me know if you need any other suggestions from me. Good luck!

  4. Adrienne says:

    Well, well, well, aren’t you something! Congratulations Sid, I’m so happy and thrilled for you. A guest post on Problogger. We should be so lucky. Can’t wait for your report but just the guest post itself is something I would be proud of. I’ll be sure to hop over there and read that one as well. I’m sure it’s stellar as well.

    Thanks Sid and enjoy your afternoon.


    • Sid says:

      Thank you so much! I was thrilled when my post was accepted, and it really feels nice to have contributed to such a famous blog. It also helps to know that you can write posts worth having, so it is a nice confidence boost 🙂 I sure will get my reports out this week, and hope to see yours as well (hope you continue that tradition on this blog too!)
      You have a great weekend!

  5. MrJones says:

    I read your post over at ProBlogger too. Good stuff btw! 🙂

    I’m not a blogger, yet, but am extremely curious about blogging. I’m no word-smith but I enjoy reading and writing. I’m doing lots of research on how and where and I’m hoping to find a good fit for my first time blogging.

    Although I’ve no current interest in monetizing (aside from liking money 😉 ) I really enjoyed your post, which in turn sent me here to your newest blog. Good stuff.


  6. Congrats on your success. I think guest blogging is often under-rated as it can be an excellent traffic source not to mention a great provider of quality backlinks.

  7. Congratulations that you finally have your guest post at Problogger, I am so happy for you. I open your post and I just about to read the first one paragraph and I get so much interested to it. I will read it all after this. Thanks!

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