Traffic Statistics for my Blog August 2012

I thought I should share more about how my blog is doing in terms of traffic, engagement, etc. Today, I want to share with you how my blog is doing in attracting readers and which are the top posts and my takeaways from this information.

I started this blog back in May 2011. This isn’t my first blog, but I wanted to document my blogging journey and share with everyone what I learned. I kept shifting between a blogger and freelance writer. As it turns out, the posts about freelancing are actually more popular today than the other posts.

I just use Google Analytics to track the traffic and other statistics on my blog. I find it adequate and easy to use. Above all, it is free.

Traffic Statistics
Here are the traffic statistics for my blog for the month of August 2012. I had 2,485 visits and 2,052 unique visits for the month.

Blog August 2012

The above is my daily traffic report. It shows the usual fluctuations in traffic. I would prefer a more uniform higher traffic. I crossed the 100 visits/day on quite a few days, but didn’t average those many visitors. In the next few months, I hope I can achieve that goal as well.

Top Posts
Here are the top 5 visited pages on my blog:
Blog August 2012

My reviews are popular among readers of this blog. Although technically there are two reviews in the top 5 posts, the top post, which is oDesk vs. Elance, is also a sort of review. The main lesson is that when you know what you are talking about, people will read. When you can write from a position of expertise, those posts become your pillar articles, just like they do for this blog. Same goes for tips – it provides value to those looking to work freelance at any online marketplace or without one.

For those interested, here are the top 5 posts so you can read them: