Blogging Tips: How to be a Better Blogger

Blogging Tips: Be a Better BloggerBlogging is not just about writing, it is about connecting with an audience. Blogging can be fun and richly rewarding. Unfortunately, many bloggers do not realize the full potential of themselves or their blogs and miss out on many opportunities. Read these tips to be a better blogger.

Blogging Tip-1: Enjoy What you Write About

This is repeated very often but it is also very true. You got to find what you love and only then blog about it. Otherwise, it is very easy to give up mid-way. If the sole purpose of blogging is to make money, you might as well forget about it, as Steve Pavlina says.

If you need help coming up with the niche of your blog, just look around and see what you like. Not what you do for a living, but what you are truly passionate about. Sports? Cooking? Pets? You can be a successful blogger in any niche if you have people who share your interest. It really shows in your blog how passionate you are about what you are writing.

At least in the initial stages when you don’t have a grand audience yet, it really helps to write on what you like. This will allow you to continue writing quality posts for the few who do come to your website.

Blogging Tip-2: Bring Something Unique to the Table

Chances are, yours is just one among the thousands of blogs online on the same topic. However, don’t despair – just like every individual is unique, so is every blog. You can bring a unique flavor to your blog by just being yourself.

In addition, remember to bring something unique to the table. This is the only way you can be a better blogger than the thousands of others. Read up stuff about your niche. It is quite likely that there is something new going on in a related topic, so discuss it in your blog. Be yourself and be unique – this is my advice to be a better blogger.

Blogging Tip-3: Read. Understand. Present

Yes, you should be knowledgeable about your niche. You should know the latest developments and be able to convey it to your readers and followers. This is the way you build value. This of course doesn’t mean that you copy-paste. It means you should read about stuff, understand it, and present it from your own unique perspective.

Also, it really helps to write some general knowledge based posts for your readers. This gives an interesting historical perspective and keeps your readers wanting more. It is also a nice strategy for getting new content.

Blogging Tip-4: Share Fresh Ideas

It is very likely that you know your niche very well and understand the nuances of it. Share it with your readers. They can find a lot of re-gargled content online with the same old dull content, but you can give them more than just content. You can give them a story. Weave it around your own ideas. Bring a breath of freshness to your niche so that what you write can never be found elsewhere. It is not just the knowledge your readers are after, they are after value. And your story is a great way for them to find value.

Blogging Tip-5: Connect with your Readers

Connecting with your readers is an important part of blogging. This is unlike a website, which can just be a storehouse of content. You have to be more than an encyclopedia – you have to have a voice and connect with your readers. You should give them what they came here for. Know their needs, understand them, and provide them with something good, useful and interesting.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and your blogging tips!


  1. thanks sid for your valuable post.I learn something new today.

    • Sid says:

      Thanks Sumit, I am glad that you found the post useful. I hope I can provide the value in the future as well to my readers!

  2. Found your blog on problogger, quite a decent post, liked it. :mrgreen:

  3. Thanks Sid. I don’t know how a came upon your blog but I am really glad I did.
    I just posted my 50 post on my blog and am really excited. The possibilities are unlimited. I will continue to watch your blog for other good ideas. I believe that there is a teacher out there for us everyday of our lives and when we are in need of one, one appears.
    Never stop to learn at least one new thing everyday. Just look how much value and education you will get from that.

    Thanks again Sid!!!!

    • Sid says:

      Thanks so much, you made my day! There are plenty of ideas that I have to share and of late, I have been irregular with my blog, partly because I am busy and partly because I am lazy! Now, I think, is the right time to start churning out great content especially knowing that my readers really benefit from it. I am really glad you could learn something from my blog.
      You are very right – I have had several role models and teachers on the way. If you need to contact me anytime, feel free to drop me a comment or email me. I am more than happy to reply to any emails and help people with their blogging efforts.
      Thanks for dropping by and do keep coming back!

  4. What youre saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand.

  5. Thanks Sid for writing this blog post and yeah you can also be a awesome blogger if you are good at writing you know how writing matters and how much it matters as unique content is the most awesome thing that a blogger would consider for his blog as you and all know that we consider Content as King 🙂

  6. Again i am loving your every single post dude =)

  7. Perfect Blogging Tips to Write a Killer Blog Post!

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