Why Geeks Make Money

Geek No, it doesn’t mean “Only Geeks can Make Money” but it means “Everyone Can Make Money”. It is not meant to belittle but encourage. The name of the site is inspired from a quote I remember from high school, “What one Fool can Do, Another Can“. This quote was used in “Calculus Made Easy” by Silvanus P. Thompson. Thompson made a brave attempt to teach Calculus to everyone and not have it confined to the Math majors at university. He wanted High School students to understand and appreciate the beauty of calculus. His way of motivating students was to use the above quote.


My aim, with this blog, is to tell you that it isn’t rocket science to make money online. There are plenty of people doing it, including me. I am here to teach you how this can be done, by one and all. You don’t need to have any special skill – just an open mind and a willingness to learn. Let me take you through this journey and lets work together towards the goal. After all, what one fool can do, another can 🙂

Photo Credit: jes5199

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