Google’s Freshness Algorithm: Major SEO Change

Google Freshness Algorithm

Google’s freshness algorithm is out! This is a major search engine change by Google. In fact, it is more major than the last Panda Update which affected a very high number of search results. This was presented on Google’s official blog today. The announcement says that the freshness update affects up to 35% of the […]

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Handling Negative oDesk Feedback

Negative oDesk Feedback

Handling negative oDesk feedback is a very important aspect of being a successful freelancer at oDesk. A very important part of the oDesk Marketplace is the presence of a feedback system. Much like eBay, this feedback system provides a great system of trust which is used by both freelancers and employers. In an ideal world, […]

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SEO Companies: Fastest Growing Businesses

Fastest Growing Businesses

SEO companies are one of the fastest growing businesses. This is hardly surprising, considering how much of what we do is shifting online and the growth of the internet in all parts of the world and traditionally ‘offline’ businesses (who would have thought 10 years ago that you would buy shoes online!) SEO is a […]

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Google Analytics not provided Keyword

Google Analytics not provided Keyword

What’s up with Google Analytics not provided keyword? I was surprised to see this as one of the major source of traffic for my site when I tried to check into my Google Analytics account. Along with the regular keywords, it shows a (not provided) keyword. This was quite surprising because the search analytics data […]

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Is Article Marketing Dead?

Article Marketing Dead

Is article marketing dead in 2012? 2011 was the eventful year with the Google Panda Update being rolled out by Google. There have been countless articles about whether article marketing still works. Here, I will present my own views and my own experience with article marketing. Let me see if I can answer whether the […]

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Is Freelance Economy the Future Economy?

Freelance Economy Future Economy

Is freelance economy the future economy of the world economy? Is the nature of work undergoing a fundamental shift away from traditional “stable” jobs and more towards a “plug-and-play” economic system where each worker provides his services for a project rather than a company? Well, it is hard to predict the future, but it looks […]

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5 Strategies for Business Through Internet

Business Through Internet

Business through internet can be a richly rewarding experience, both in terms of money and general satisfaction. Whether you are a total beginner or a small business looking to establish yourself in the online sphere, these business through internet strategies will prove to be very useful for you. Business through internet is a rapidly growing […]

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