Comprehensive PeoplePerHour Review

PeoplePerHour ReviewThis PeoplePerHour review is from a freelancer who has seen and worked on a lot of freelancing sites online. Is this legit or scam? Is it worth my time? Is it better than the other freelancing sites? I’ll attempt to answer these and many other questions about the site, so you can make an informed decision about whether to join PeoplePerHour or not.

What is PeoplePerHour?

PeoplePerHour is an online freelancing portal. This is very similar in concept to oDesk and Elance, the more popular freelance marketplaces. An online marketplace brings together buyers and sellers. The buyers propose projects and the sellers bid on these projects. The sellers of course are almost always freelancers.

PeoplePerHour isn’t the first online marketplace for freelancers. There have been several in the past, some having a strong hold on the industry. Elance is one of the oldest, still popular marketplace. oDesk is newer but has grown at a really good rate over the years. For freelancers looking for work or for employers (usually start-ups and small businesses), there are plenty of options. When evaluating this site, therefore, you need to look at it from the larger perspective and compare it to existing businesses. This is what I will base my PeoplePerHour review on.

Check out my oDesk review and oDesk vs Elance to get a better idea of online marketplaces.

Quality/Quantity of Jobs Posted

The number of jobs at PeoplePerHour is definitely less than those of its bigger competitors like oDesk and Elance. However, I found the quality of jobs to be surprisingly high. I don’t have the statistics (yet) but the average pay on PeoplePerHour is far higher than either oDesk or Elance. I think I can safely say that the quality of jobs is the highest I have seen.

As a result, it is only natural that the freelancers are high quality too, which is great news for the buyers.

One of the major complaints about online marketplaces is the quality of jobs is really bad. This affects both sides of the equation. The freelancers are unhappy because of a downward pressure on their wages due to increasing competition from low quality providers. This drives the good workers away to other avenues which now affects the buyers because they cannot find enough quality people to do the job they want. As a result, the serious buyers look elsewhere. Thus what is left is a deteriorating marketplace. This is particularly stark in oDesk but present very well in Elance.

Surprisingly, this hasn’t yet happened with PeoplePerHour. The wages are decent and appropriate for the skills required for the jobs. I am not sure how they pulled it off and if this can be sustainable. Only time will tell. As of this moment, however, if you are a quality freelancer, this is certainly a site to check out. In addition, if you are a buyer looking for some good quality freelancers, it is definitely worth taking a look.

The obvious drawback however is that there are not enough jobs posted here. Besides, new freelancers might have a hard time competing against high quality and established workers.

Bottom Line: The quality of jobs posted is very high as compared to other marketplaces. The number of jobs is modest. If you have the right skills for the job, definitely worth checking out and being a part of. At the same time, accomplished freelancers might still find that they are better off on their own. The wages are good, but not extraordinary either. If you are looking for highly qualified workers, this is the place to look.

Subscription and Fees

PeoplePerHour subscription model is a layered one which I personally don’t particularly like. Elance has one too. I like oDesk the best in this sense – no membership upgrades; the fee structure, although high, is very straightforward (You pay a 10% project fee flat, no exceptions, no membership upgrades). However, this isn’t the case with PeoplePerHour.

PeoplePerHour Membership

As a free member, you have several restrictions and you can buy credits. As you can see from the chart above, basic free members pay a high fees of 10% as opposed to just 4.50% paid by Platinum members. The concept of freelancers picking up the tab for all the site’s workings too is a little weird for me (oDesk, on the other hand, is more uniform in this sense because everyone pays the same service fee and thus can be negotiated). I am not a fan of membership upgrades in general, but perhaps my fellow freelancers have a more favorable view of this.

Bottom Line: The service fees depends on your membership type, and so do limits on how many projects you can bid on. I am no fan of this model.


PeoplePerHour can be very open as compared to the other online marketplaces. For example, you can find the team and know about them. Some client testimonials are also refreshingly open. In addition, the profiles look more professional, with a photograph, portfolio, feedback, etc. The earnings are open too, unlike oDesk (but like Elance). All this provides added credibility.

At the same time, I don’t like that they are not very transparent with some things especially those related to the fee/membership structure. The chart I displayed above is accessible only to members after joining the site. I would like to access this information before joining the site.

The PeoplePerHour Economy is another great feature to check out. You can get some really interesting statistics here about the freelancers and clients who use the site, the size of projects and other information that would interest both freelancers and buyers.

Bottom Line: Some great steps towards a more transparent experience benefiting both freelancers and businesses. However, the sites need to be more transparent about its fee/subscription structure.


This is a new addition, and I thought I should add to the existing PeoplePerHour review. Hourlies is a great concept that this site started. Instead of the traditional way where employers post projects and freelancers bid on it, hourlies reverse this process, i.e., the freelancers post what they can do and the cost of doing it and the employers can ‘buy’ that hourlie and the freelancer delivers. This is a great concept, although it seems a little crowded. The concept is new but promising. I would like to see more statistics though – it shouldn’t become of those features that becomes incredibly hard to navigate because it is cluttered with low quality posting.

Bottom Line: Some innovation finally from PeoplePerHour in terms of bringing a new feature to the freelancing marketplace that more established sites like oDesk and Elance lack. It’s still too early in the game to define them successful, but hourlies are definitely promising.

Update: As promised, I need to revise my review of hourlies at PeoplePerHour. In a nutshell, they absolute, terribly suck. The whole approval process is ad-hoc and random and frankly too frustrating to deal with. When I made an extremely minor correction to an already published hourlie, it was rejected. Recently, they rejected another of my hourlie that was just about publishing an article about a business on EzineArticles. Obviously it makes no sense (their argument is without the slightest merit. I’ll publish their whole ‘explanation’ for those who are interested).


PeoplePerHour is a relatively new online marketplace and this PeoplePerHour review might not capture all aspects of the site. It is still growing and faces several challenges. The most distinguishing feature of the site so far is its ability to maintain quality. This can degrade very soon if the site aims only for growth without regard to quality. It seems to be at a critical stage in that sense. Both freelancers and workers know the better quality the site offers and it should stick to it. PeoplePerHour is still a great site to join and every freelancer should at least check it out to see if they want to be a part of the site. Definitely worth considering.

Hourlies is a great idea with terrible terrible implementation. Hopefully other sites can take the model and improve it.

Photo Credit: laverrue

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  1. Greate pieces. Keep posting such kind of info on your page.
    Im really impressed by your blog.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on peopleperhour review. Regards

  2. Sonia says:

    Its a big scam company you get fake profiles up there and they let the stay there. I recieved an offer from a guy and he didnt know what he was doing. In the end they let it be and he walked away with £320.00 and damaged the site as well.

    Advice avoid it like a plague.


    • Sid says:

      I am sorry to hear that. I am sure it is a one off case but those can be significant as well.

      • A social media marketer can be extraordinarily laborious-pressed to seek out examples of social media success that did not contain (a)
        already-established brand names with built-in traction; (b) the sheer
        luck of getting the suitable person with affect selling your product/service
        with a re-Tweet or a Share or (c) a variety of manufactured or bought-and-paid-for buzz-generating bullshit driving it.
        Social media could also be useful for branding, however as someone who works in the trade, I can truthfully that the tried-and-true,
        “old-fashioned” advertising and marketing instruments (radio, tv, magazines, newspapers) get the phrase out higher than social media ever will —
        AND with the added bonus of getting a measurable ROI.
        hack facebook agosto 2013 recently posted…hack facebook agosto 2013My Profile

    • Jasmine says:

      I think your story is not correct Sonia. I have been using the site 2 years now and it is impossible for this to happen since firstly, you release the money to the freelancer. If you were not happy, why did you release the money in the first place?

  3. Joseline says:


    I’m just new to the website and got a job immediately. Although I find PPH as a good website for Freelancers like me, I am concerned that it does not have any monitoring system for hourly work.

    I want to be as honest as possible with my employer when I invoice him; because I have an oDesk system and it takes “pictures” of my actual work.

    • Sid says:

      That’s good to hear, congratulations! It is debatable whether the oDesk system is really efficient and good in terms of providing the ‘right’ time taken for a project.

  4. Brian says:

    Great insight and info on the blog…I think it’s all according to taste. Like anything else. Like the blog says though, until little more time passes, you’ll get a better picture. One of the posters before me said “PPH is horrible”. Unfortunately, someone is going to have a horrible experience at something. It happens. I chalk that up as a bad day. When it happens 3 times in a very close window of time. That’s what I call, horrible. Again only time will tell. Good subject though and timing couldn’t be better for it.

  5. Paul says:

    My real review is here
    They are some huge scammers
    Paul recently posted…PPH deleted my account with my money insideMy Profile

    • Mike says:

      Hi Paul

      Sorry about the direct approach. My name is Mike and I am currently in the process of developing a new and innovative online freelancing marketplace. I am extremely passionate about improving the user experience and solving many of the issues which are mentioned throughout your comments and his blog page. I have created a very simple 9 question survey on the user experience of being an online freelancer. I would very much appreciate it if you could spend 2-3 minutes completing my survey. Please note you do not need to provide any personal details

      Many thanks for helping me.

  6. Rolfen says:

    PPH encourages exploitation. Moreover, it keeps spamming my invoice despite having requested closure of my account.
    Don’t get caught by their marketing. Avoid them, whether you’re a freelancer (you won’t get paid much) or a contractor (you will be forced to pay for bad quality work).

  7. Sunny

    You might like to try Bench Over –
    which is relatively new Marketplace in market but gaining customers.
    Easy to use.

    Includes freelancing work, buying/selling of services as well as products and advertisements.

    And the best part, it is commission-less and allows paying outside the website.

    No charges at all.
    Completely free of cost. :)

    Sunny recently posted…10 areas where government of countries waste enormous amount of moneyMy Profile

  8. Atrocious and appalling are the nicest things I can say!

    I’ve been using PPH as both a seller and buyer for quite a few years now. I was so amazed with the type of things on offer initially. However, as I started purchasing and selling. I started to see the huge cracks within the company. It is all one big sham to con consumers out of their hard earned cash.

    I also use other freelancing sites and some of them offer verification of employees through ID checks etc. This offers much more transparency and accountability for the people you are potentially going to work with. While they all differ in the ways they are run. They all operate on a similar model by offering to be an escrow to ensure that as a buyer your work is complete and as a seller your money is received. However, due to numerous complaints and shoddy service. I have also witnessed major changes in the way things are done.

    Firstly, they used to offer a telephone number and the people answering seemed very unprofessional and like they come from the council estate side of town. They would often fob you off with short answers and just keep you on the phone repeating sorry they can’t do anything and how sorry they are. Remaining apologetic, brash, rude and quite brazen.

    My first bad situation was during a telesales campaign that I wanted to run. The seller was silly enough to use his real name and once I realised he was a convicted criminal. The scam all came to light. The escrow system doesn’t normally release the money straight away and it takes time to be released. This is used to protect sellers. However, on the other hand. If a seller releases the invoice and the buyer doesn’t reject it. The invoice and funds are unrecoverable and paid automatically. When signing up you do not need to put many details other than you name and email. This should show you that as a consumer if there is no such transparency. Why on earth would you purchase from the website.

    The telesales agent made fake follow up emails to show he had done the work and then charged me around £300 – £500 pounds. I soon did a background check with a simple Google search and found out that he was a conman. He had burned down a hotel and been in prison. I was absolutely flabbergasted and shocked to say the least. I called up PPH and they didn’t seem to care that much. They said they deactivated his account and cannot recover the funds. I said to myself that I will recover through PayPal, as they kept repeating their garbage. Pending the claim that I made to PayPal. Their account was frozen as a result and they sent me a very rude email saying why did you not ask us for help and in a very rude tone said why did you do that??! To which I thought what kind of low company is this.

    I also had solicitation through a fake call centre based in Dubai by an owner called Adam and another one who promised me targeted emails. They almost conned me and I was clever enough to see they were not genuine. There is a plethora of scam sellers online. Even the highly rated sellers are fake and with fake reviews. You will see so many similar names and it doesn’t take a genius to work it out. I believe that I was probably the only seller on there with real and genuine reviews!

    Furthermore, I also had a buyer change his order half way through for a £3500 project. I had already completed the work and was left out of pocket by £1500 pounds!

    I recently purchased a press release and it was completed and there were minor amendments. The buyer was highly rated on the site and so I felt that I was in good hands. However, the buyer quickly sent the invoice on first draft and I thought this was very cheeky and unprofessional. I didn’t reject the invoice, as I wanted to pay them and felt it was ok. The changes were just one or two words. The second part of the job was to send the PR. However, to date it has never been sent and I don’t even have a copy of the amended version. The invoice was then automatically released after 7 days and I was very busy. I thought he will reply and as a gesture of good will I didn’t reject it as we were having dialogue every few days. As soon as the invoice was released he has disappeared for around a month now. PPH state they cannot recover my funds. They are appalling and their behaviour is atrocious. They are one of the most unprofessional and low ended companies that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. As a seller of hourlies and popular featured services. I would often have sellers threaten me to give free work and they would not release the invoices. They would blackmail me to do extra work that was not included in the cost given. This website is a sham through and through for decent freelancers. The only ones that are making money are the big scammer owners at PPH and the scam sellers. Stay away from PPH at all costs!

    • Mike says:

      Hi Taylor,

      I am sorry about the direct approach. My name is Mike (from London) and I am currently in the process of developing a new and innovative online freelancing marketplace. I am extremely passionate about improving the user experience and solving many of the issues which are mentioned throughout your comments and his blog page. I have created a very simple 9 question survey on the user experience of being an online freelancer. I would very much appreciate it if you could spend 2-3 minutes completing my survey. Please note you do not need to provide any personal details.

      Many thanks for helping me.

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  14. Ian says:

    I am professional designer – They ask you to upload PORTFOLIO, how the hell portfolio can be uploaded?

    You upload your CV they ask you to remove contact info, when you do it they ask you to do it again and after 2 or 3 tries you can not submit your applications again.

  15. Mike says:


    My name is Mike and I am currently in the process of developing a new and innovative online freelancing marketplace. I am extremely passionate about improving the user experience and I have created a very simple 9 question survey based on your personal experiences of being an online freelancer. I would very much appreciate it if you could spend 2-3 minutes completing my survey. Please note you do not need to provide any personal details.

    Many thanks for your time

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