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  11. Hi,Just read the entry on the Watton public meeting regarding the airfield. We have just bought a house on the OMQ’s and would be interested to read any notes relating to the meeting and the future of the airfield.With kind regards,Stan

  12. One day we will be astounded and amazed at the benefit we will receive from this neck of our journey. When I am feeling as if these times will never end….I remember that what I am willing to go through now will benefit those who will touch my life.And like the disciples….I pray that we will remember the honor of being "beaten down" for His names sake.Your heart and testimony are already bringing great glory to His name. He looks beautiful in you girl.

  13. i’ll always remember 2009 as the year we received daily updates on John & Kate. i still don’t know who they are and why the fuck i should care. (but am curious about the mad skills needed to market a nothing on a daily basis.)

  14. Tan,Let’s stick to the thread in this post, which is whether the CAS scheme benefits the rich more – which I say would not be the case if the premiums are charged differently. For other issues, do write a post and direct me to it. I would be happy to drop some comments. But here, let’s stick with the current post. We cannot possibly discuss all of Singapore’s problems in one single entry.

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  18. I think many kids below ten would find the novel too verbose. I know Chip still does, lol Maybe an illustrated abridged version would be better for the younger kids 🙂

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  34. When doing work for Christ, especially trying to reach people for Him, it’s easy to see what is NOT changing. Sometimes it seems like we’re just wasting our time. But then, in a moment, something like this happens that lasts forever. Thanks for the reminder that God is faithful, and that our labor on His behalf is not in vain.

  35. You guys are missing the point about the study. The authors admit that there's a possibility that the body of African people ANTICIPATES (i.e. in an evolutionary fashion) that it WILL be attacked by parasites sooner or later, and therefore INVESTS in the immune system FROM DAY ONE. That means, even if you eradicate the parasites, their bodies will continue to invest in the immune system instead of intelligence. So basically, the authors ADMIT that black people are quite likely BORN less intelligent. Of course, MSM has missed this point completely and only focused on the PC part of the study.

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  53. The cardinal who has since replaced Cardinal Kasper seems to be everything he is not! Cardinal Curtis Koch has an affinity for Latin and the Tridentine Mass, and that’s the tip of the iceberg!

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  68. Carolyn HP – If this giveaway is still open, my first job was working in a photo lab during college… I love October Afternoon’s products but it’s really hard for me to get them as I’m in Canada. Love your journalling cards and have already used them for my Project Life so thanks!

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  72. Regarding AJ Morris: One of the commenters on Nats Insider dropped a hint that more than one scout was ‘drooling’ over Morris early in FIL action. Color me somewhat suprised; His numbers from the regular season certainly don’t jump off the page. Sue – You saw him for most of the 2nd half of the year; Anything to offer?

  73. Aww, no sabía que tambien eras fan de Haji♥ me encanta en el anime, pero es una lástima que muriese al final como que se me rompió el corazón xD! ese es mi tipo de chicos, los que hacen todo por la persona a la que aman *O*Veo que te gusta el chocolate y comparto esa bonita tontería de no crecer nunca y ser niña!!! espero hayas dormido bien, la 1 de la mañana es muy tardeSaluditos maki!!

  74. Caro JVM, Sem muito a propósito deste artigo, mas do comentário, espero que no CADPP não haja nenhum economista (ou, pelo menos, que não tenha revisto ou contribuído para "As mentiras da dívida – 27 razões para repudiar a dívida"). É que a quantidade de erros técnicos e omissões para sustentar retórica é assustadora.

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  77. That tracklist appears to be authentic, cause Mike tweeted that two of his songs are on it. I’m excited about “Stomping the Roses” and “Complain”, since I really love “Let Me Go” with David’s attitude, and judging by those titles, they seem like the same kind of songs. I dunno why I love feisty David so much – probably ’cause he rarely shows that side of himself. When he sings “Love Song”, there’s a sort of ‘tude too. “I’m not going to pretend to be somebody I’m not just to humor society.” YEAH!

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  90. Wow, I have to give it to SoCalSchen, agreeing with me on your first post is a great way to start your blogging existence. Of course, I agree with me too, and wholeheartedly at that. — Nice stat reference by the way. 3.8 yards per carry. I would have figured they would be more successful than that. If they can hold Turner to that this weekend, things will go well. Anyway I know that deep down, Daveeeyyyyyy (TheHeadCheese) is very proud to have you on board. —Everybody, please give it up for my California brother, SoCalSchen! Go Pack!

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  93. Hippocampe: hee hee..! 🙂 I'll have you know that the temperatures got all the way up to -5 Celcius the other day, it was practically a heat wave here! 😀 Although I guess I could use this as an excuse to go buy more wool sweaters – I have way too many already – I'm tempted! 😉

  94. "They call themselves Presidents, Ministers and Colonels. They have huge bank accounts and large scale investments abroad. They have a veneer of technology and cultivated manners. But the aerial shots of skyscrapers and urban lightscapes, storefronts and maps are a facade of civilization, like a well lit movie set. Underneath it all, there are still pigs eating the garbage."I love that paragraph. You can dress a pig in the latest fashions, but it's still a pig.

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